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W. Roy Jacobs

Family Law Attorney

“A lot of the law is unapproachable to the common person, and that’s before you even get to the court system. It is frustrating, and I want to help people navigate through this legal maze.”

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Meet Roy

Attorney Roy Jacobs is one of the newbies at Cape Fear Family Law, but do not let that fool you on his level of dedication and experience. Born in Massachusetts, his family moved to Mooresville when he was just 12 years old. “I recently hit the point where I’ve been in North Carolina more than half my life. So I guess I’m officially a North Carolinian now,” he mused. One might even call him a “Tarheel” especially since he received his law degree from UNC School of Law in Chapel Hill. It should also be known that Roy has already received the moniker in the office of “King of the One-Liner” from his fellow attorneys.

A “People Problem” Solver

Growing up, Roy’s family (which includes a number of siblings) was adversely affected by sub-par legal work; this is part of the reason why he’s a lawyer. “The experience has ingrained in me to always follow through with my promises.” Roy is dedicated to not let someone down in the manner he felt his family was let down during tough legal times.

Knowing he wanted to be an attorney, Roy did his undergraduate work at the University of North Carolina Wilmington studying political science and criminology. Afterwards, he went to UNC School of Law in Chapel Hill. “I always knew I wanted to help solve ‘people’ problems instead of working in corporate or banking law for example,” says Roy.

He “stumbled” into family law during an internship after his first year and enjoyed it so much that he returned to the same firm after his second year in law school. “I also completed over 100 hours of pro bono work during law school, working mostly in public defender and district attorney offices. This gave me a lot of courtroom experience, including trying cases in criminal district court.”

A New Chapter

In many ways, Roy is starting a whole new phase in his life and career. He received his license in October 2019 and was married just two years prior. He and his wife met when he was at UNCW and they “couldn’t wait” to return to the East Coast of North Carolina and settle down. While Roy helps families with difficult custody or separation issues, she works as a school teacher.

Roy is excited and optimistic about his place at Cape Fear Family Law. “Everyone is working as a team here. I’m a brand new attorney and they say there are no dumb questions in the office. They’re giving me a lot of responsibility, and I’m enjoying every second of it.”

Like everyone at Cape Fear, Roy is devoted to helping families in their time of crisis. “Every family has its ups and downs and they look different for everyone. When they come into our office, it is usually because they’ve hit some sort of low point. I want people to see that there is a way out and help them get there.” Roy has already helped a number of clients through some rough patches and has positive reviews on Google from clients! We could not be more proud.

Downtime Activities

When not in the office or in the courtroom, Roy likes to relax at home with his wife and dog Theo. Like most good lawyers, he’s an avid reader. “I love all genres and have been reading a lot more now that I am not being assigned hundreds of pages of legal textbooks for class every week. I also read a lot of what my wife is teaching her kids.” (No, it’s not “Green Eggs and Ham.”)

Roy is looking forward to getting back to cycling on the weekends. “When I was in college, I used to ride my bike down to the beach. Now I can do that again.”

He also admits to being a pretty big sports fan, still rooting for the teams of his childhood: the Red Sox, the Patriots, and the Celtics. When asked if –– now that he’s an “official” North Carolinian –– he could switch to rooting for a local team, Roy confessed: “I can’t bring myself to do it.” Well … no one can be perfect, but with Roy we get pretty darn close even if he is still polishing his southern roots.

Serving The Following Counties

Roy practices law in Onslow, Jones, Sampson, Duplin, and Carteret counties in North Carolina.