Melenni Balbach | Women's Rights & Litigation Attorney

Melenni Balbach

Women’s Rights & Litigation Attorney

Melenni is dedicated to helping people through some of the most difficult times in their lives. While it’s easy to get caught up in the pain of the moment, she likes to point to a more positive future outlook with one reminder: “This won’t last forever”.

Melenni Balbach

A Track Record of Compassion

Melenni’s sights have always been set on helping others. Participating in volunteer work during undergraduate studies at NC State (go Wolfpack!) led her to incredible experiences in places like Guatemala and San Francisco. While volunteering far and wide she met inspiring folks who do amazing and sacrificing work against the odds to benefit their communities. It was these volunteer activities and the people she met that inspired Melenni to major in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration on Women & Gender Studies. After passing the bar in February of 2021, she’d been off and running to change her corner of the world.

So, what does an enterprising and aspiring change warrior do – attend law school of course! After graduating from the Elon University School of Law, Melenni jumped right in and started to make a difference in this world. She has a long-term goal to help both abandoned women and more specifically marginalized communities with access to justice.

Jumping Right in the Deep Water

Melenni started off at Legal Aid in Fayetteville right away assisting those who needed her the most. Her adoration of Carolina Beach and her drive to make a difference opened the door for a residency with the DA’s office in Brunswick County. Soon, her talents were wanted far and wide and she was scooped up by Cordell & Cordell to commence her family law journey. Really finding that helping families in need was her niche, Melenni noted that “joining Cape Fear Family Law was a no-brainer. I just knew that making the shift meant that I can use my talents to help families while working in a supportive, thoughtful environment.” She’s looking forward to building her professional home with Cape Fear Family Law.

Melenni is deeply insightful and contemplative. She is often found sitting in her office reading through legal research, practicing her arguments, and organizing her clients’ evidence to be viewed in the most advantageous light. She listens to clients and actually cares about their problems without the judgment she has witnessed other attorneys ladle on their clients’ heads.

Family Fun & The Future

When she’s not practicing law, you can find Melenni with her three-year-old Dachshund Jenner or at the beach searching for shells and shark teeth. With most of her family in the area, she relishes the small-town feel and endless activities available in Wilmington. You are not likely to find Melenni off the beach as she is the quintessential “beach baby” and loves the sun and sand. You may also find her cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles on gameday … the rest of her Cape Fear Family Law crew is likely to vote against her on this one. As the baby of a family of Northern transplants, Melenni is the only one with a Southern accent.

To unwind, Melenni enjoys turning off her phone and paddling out into the waves on her surfboard. She also likes to play pickleball and disc golf though denies being very good at either. She’s had the good fortune to visit Italy on a couple of occasions and just can’t wait to go back – and no, it’s not just for the pasta! Her plans for the future include building a house on the beach, traveling, and volunteering in her community and the world at large. Where there is a need, you are likely to find Melenni so keep your eyes on good deeds everywhere.

Serving The Following Counties

Melenni practices law in New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender counties in North Carolina.