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Erica Benson

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“I like how there is a focus on informing the client about every step of the process, that really aligns with my own personal methods”

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Erica Benson

Erica Benson is ready to help families in crisis. Raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, she recently graduated from Villanova University Law School. As an undergraduate at SUNY Brockport she double-majored in history/international studies AND double-minored in women’s studies/political science.

“Because of my background, I was really interested in helping women and families, particularly helping them gain peace and move forward from difficult situations,” she said.

When interviewing at Cape Fear, she was immediately attracted to the way they viewed the firm as a family and how they put their clients first. “I like how there is a focus on informing the client about every step of the process, that really aligns with my own personal methods,” Erica explained.

“I also like how zealous of an advocate Janet is of her clients. She can be really, really tough or softer when she needs to be as well. She’s very good at reading the situation and figuring out how she should react to it in a way that benefits the client the most. She’s extremely knowledgeable about family law, so it’s been great to learn from her.”

Erica’s favorite part of the job is talking with her clients and problem-solving as to how the firm and the courts can rectify the situation. “I am a very empathetic person, so I really take my client’s troubles on as if they were my own. I like to defend my clients as if it were me in their situation.”

As a new lawyer, Erica’s goal is to build a reputation in the community as a good family lawyer that advocates for their clients. Longer-term goals include growing her own family with her husband Granger, who is also an attorney, and putting down roots in the Coastal Carolina community.

“Even in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve learned some lessons about what really helps a marriage and what types of things, even if they seem small, can harm it. I take those to heart and use them in my own life.”

Erica’s daily routine involves getting up very early in the morning and sitting on the porch with her dog Katie to watch the sunrise. She then goes to the gym to work out before going into the office. “It helps me get centered and gives me the energy I need,” she explains.

Leaving the hustle-and-bustle of Philly life to the relative calm of Jacksonville has been a bit of a cultural shock, albeit a pleasant one. “People are much more easygoing,” she says. “Everyone could use a nice slow down every once in a while. I feel a little like a fish out of water, but I am enjoying it.” Her Cape Fear Family Law colleagues know she is a big, bright fish and we can’t wait to watch her swim with the tides locally.

Serving The Following Counties

Erica practices law in Onslow, Jones, Sampson, Duplin, and Carteret counties in North Carolina.