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“I am confident in my trial abilities, in my understanding of the law, in my understanding of the rules of evidence. I will walk into court and try any case that I have a good faith basis to argue. As long as I can walk out with a result that is better than or equal to what has been offered, I will do what needs to be done in court.”

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Allie Cameron Moore

All About Allie

As a youth of the ‘90s from a small town in South Carolina, Allie Cameron Moore grew up watching, living, and breathing television. The series she watched showed her the possibilities before her. More importantly, she found characters with whom she could quickly identify.

If there is one character on a TV show to whom Allie both most relates and is most compared, it is Rory Gilmore of “Gilmore Girls.” The show happens to be Allie’s all-time favorite, and Rory’s “nerdiness” and go-getter attitude resonate deeply with her. The two share many commonalities: a similar appearance of dark hair and light eyes; an only child with a single mother (sadly, Allie’s father passed in her late teens years); life in a modest town; and a dry sense of humor. Additionally, their personalities resound with one another. Allie has been described by family, friends, and clients alike as reasonable, down-to-earth, and trustworthy. Those closest to her, however, find her to be fierce and passionate. Like Rory, Allie is a surprising introvert who achieves everything to which she puts her mind.

Allie is from a town of fewer than twenty thousand people. In high school, everyone knew she would be the girl to “make it big” and achieve all of her goals. Just like Rory, Allie did just that. She earned two bachelor’s of science degrees in psychology and sociology, and a double-minor in Spanish and Crime, Law, and Society, from the College of Charleston. After, she completed her Juris Doctor at Campbell University in Raleigh. A top student, Allie graduated all of her programs cum laude and holds several honors, including membership to Alpha Kappa Delta National Sociological Honor Society. By 2015, Allie was practicing law.

For Allie, being an attorney is more than a job. It’s a calling. She firmly believes she would not be in this industry if there was not something bigger than herself pulling her to work with families in need of legal support. As such, she tends to strongly invest in each situation. Billable hours do not keep her “on the clock.” The genuine concern for her clients drives her to take on their cases.

A Lifelong Attorney

Another favorite show of Allie’s is “Judging Amy.” Watching the youthful family lawyer tackle every case to support the children of families being torn apart spoke to Allie despite her young age. She loved Amy’s frankness and insistence on standing up for what was just. More importantly, she was consistently excited at the prospect of “good” winning out in each episode. By the time she was 8 years old, Allie’s calling had come — she was going to be an attorney like “Judging Amy” for families. More importantly, her core values in honesty and trustworthiness were set for life.

As she grew older, she saw more of what family law entailed, and she did not like everything she saw. Allie sadly watched as two couples close to her family encountered failed adoptions, and she knew that all they needed was better counsel. Better counsel who ensured paperwork was filed correctly, provided advice that superseded state borders, and who offered the best support and advocacy. Ultimately, the couples needed someone to ensure they could successfully adopt and provide better homes for children in need.

Given her childhood obsession and personal connection to family law, it is no wonder that Allie firmly believes she was called to law by a reason bigger than herself. She takes great pride in advocating for and developing interpersonal relationships with clients. This, in addition to being a top-notch researcher, ensures each trial is given every attention possible. As an advocate, Allie protects her client’s rights and advances their desires in each of her cases. In every situation, she stands up for what she believes is right. Interpersonally, she develops strong rapport with each client so as to better understand their needs and interests with the case. Furthermore, she maintains relationships with them to assure them that help is available in the future.

In brief, Allie’s prior work in family law includes practicing with several prestigious law firms and district attorney’s offices throughout North Carolina. In these positions, she consistently worked for the betterment of the families whom she served. Notably, Allie has extensive experience with high conflict cases and situations involving domestic violence and/or child abuse. She works with clients in the most vulnerable situations to help them find the most positive solutions. She takes significant interest in the overlay between family law and criminal law, which informs her work in this arena. She is truly an advocate for her clients who empowers them to make the most informed and best decisions for their cases.

In the courtroom, Allie is willing to put anything with a good faith basis forward that will serve her clients’ best interests. Her time in various district attorney’s offices taught her the significance of taking risks for big rewards. More importantly, she learned that she and her clients do not have to back down. Never one to be bullied, Allie does not take altercations lightly, and she fiercely fights for her clients’ demands and needs.

Working Toward Mediation and Results

Perhaps it is her love for all things television, or maybe it is simply that she has a calming demeanor, but Allie ultimately serves as her friend group’s resident therapist. Not one to talk much about herself unless directly asked, she is always the first to lend an ear and a shoulder to those in need of it. From as early as she can remember, Allie’s friends have come to her with their stories, concerns, and questions. Whether the moments were those of sheer happiness or painful sadness, she listens, supports, and offers sound advice.

As an empathetic individual, Allie naturally falls in line with the school of mediation in a legal context. She is quick to cut through the nonsense and find legitimate results. Though she is notably direct, her honesty and concern always shine through in her work.

When working with clients, Allie stays true to her no-nonsense approach. From the first meeting, she establishes reasonable expectations for the legal process and outcomes of the case. She helps clients identify attainable goals based on the law and circumstances at hand. Ultimately, Allie does not waste time, money, and effort for something unrealistic. She supports clients in working through court processes to help them prove that they can handle newfound responsibilities and additional court-set expectations. This helps the families involved in the dispute put themselves into better positions for both the adults and children.

Allie’s clients often note that her direct approach to cases make her easy to work with and identify the optimal result for the situation. Allie does not beat around the bush, and she does not put stock into what others think “should” be the case. She refuses to make false promises and works with families to decide upon reasonable resolutions. In every situation, personally and professionally, Allie follows what she believes is right, ensuring that the result at hand appeases as many parties as possible. Best of all, she walks her clients through the process of getting to that positive end.

Although Allie is a people pleaser, she takes what others think of her with a grain of salt. It is more important to her to do what is right, ethical, and honest than what is popular. Moreover, she understands that what is right for one person is not always right for another. Allie strives to celebrate those differences rather than force compliance from a situation to neatly fit into the “popular” box. In the courtroom, this translates to looking for the best schedule, the best settlement, the best pay structure for every individual client.

Of note, Allie is in the training process to become a mediator. She brings to Cape Fear Family Law the expertise of a litigator eager to offer alternate dispute resolution through unique approaches such as mediation, arbitration, and collaboration for anyone who hopes to avoid the courtroom.

Working on Behalf of the Children

Helping families find the calm in the storm that is separation and divorce is a central goal for Allie. As a Trained Parent Coordinator, she is appointed in high conflict custody cases to serve as a resource for separated parents who need help creating and respecting separate households. This allows her to not only support the family as a whole through the separation process but to emphasize the well-being of the children involved. In this role, she is able to counsel folks on various methods of parallel and co-parenting with the intent of presenting a harmonious front for the benefit of the children.

Like the famous Amy of “Judging Amy,” Allie believes no situation demands a “superior” parent or guardian. As it takes more than one person to make a baby, it is important that no one unilaterally omits a parent. On either side of the aisle, Allie works with clients to ensure parental rights are asserted and that expectations set for all parties are reasonable.

Allie’s own words best summarize her approach to family law:

“If there are kids involved, I want [the parents] to understand how to be the best versions of themselves and care for themselves so they can care for their kids. The biggest thing we do as parents is not take care of ourselves first because it feels selfish and wrong. But the better you take care of yourself, the better you take care of your kids, and set them up for success. In other words, the better position you put yourself in, the better position you put your kids in.”

Serving The Following Counties

Allie practices law in New Hanover, Brunswick, Columbus, Pender, and Duplin counties in North Carolina.