Hailey Carter | Paralegal

Hailey Carter


Hailey credits her commitment to serving others through the law to her mom and grandma. Their encouragement, patience, and perseverance serve as a critical touchstone for her in everything she does.

Hailey Carter

Meet Hailey

Is there anything Hailey Carter can’t do? Growing up in the little town of Granite Falls, North Carolina, Hailey spent much of her childhood playing softball, hiking in the nearby foothills, and weight lifting with the football team her dad coached. In addition to being so physically active, her interest in theatre kept her busy through high school and college. Though she mostly had ensemble roles, Hailey was able to let her athletic side shine in a 1970s rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In this production, she was a roller-skating fairy.

Hailey has come to Cape Fear Family Law after graduating from UNC-Asheville with a degree in sociology and a minor in legal studies. During her time in Asheville, she frequently hiked in the mountains to decompress and would ski in Maggie Valley with her boyfriend. For some time she dreamt of hiking the Appalachian Trail, but today she’s more likely to admire the mountain range without the urge to tackle its 2,000 miles of trails.

Since moving to Wilmington, Hailey has found plenty of other ways to stay active. She and her boyfriend play disc golf at Good Hops on Carolina Beach regularly. They also enjoy fishing in the river and spending time in the sand at Kure. You can find her at the gym a few times a week, headphones in and pumping iron. She’s what folks refer to as a ‘sleeper cell’: she may not look like a bodybuilder, but she can lift like one!

Never a Dull Moment

While the gym is her self-described ‘happy place’, Hailey has a number of other interests that keep her schedule packed. But don’t let her stamina fool you: this girl also loves a good nap.

You will never meet someone more obsessed with Breaking Bad than Hailey! She’s seen every episode of the hit show as well as its spin-off, Better Call Saul, and is even planning a tattoo that honors these masterpieces of television. She’s essentially a walking Breaking Bad encyclopedia! When not watching reruns of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, she’s at the movies or hanging out at the Fat Pelican in Carolina Beach.

She’s also a huge fan of standup comedy, with a soft spot for comedians like Tom Segura and Bill Burr. Keep an eye out for her own standup set at Dead Crow Comedy Club’s open mic nights on Thursdays.

Lending a Helping Hand

Hailey’s long-standing fascination with the law has led her to family case law, an area where she feels she can help people the most. While in college, one of her professors connected her with Pisgah Legal to volunteer. There, she learned some of the foundations of what she does now as a paralegal, including the highly personal and tailored nature of every case. Hailey’s dedicated to fulfilling the unique needs of every client. There’s no ability (or desire!) to go on autopilot while helping people navigate their legal options.

At UNC-A, Hailey wrote her senior thesis on bodily autonomy. Her interest in women’s rights and personal healthcare decisions motivates her to volunteer for Planned Parenthood or another reproductive rights organization – just as soon as she’s settled into her new city and job.