Patty | "The Ninja"


“The Ninja”

“It is amazing to see a parent get a second chance and run with it,” says Jessica. “A good outcome is when a family is able to move forward and find a good schedule for their children, especially when both parents agree to put the children first.”

Meet Patty

Everyone calls her Patty, though “Phone Guru” would be an equally appropriate name. If you call Cape Fear Family Law, you will generally speak with Patty and you will fall in love with her outgoing personality, distinctive voice and genial persistence. She genuinely cares about each caller, and you will feel her warmth through the earpiece.

Patty serves as a valuable resource to the firm’s clients in her volunteer capacity. She also delivers subpoenas and documents, and loves to use her Smartphone to provide exceptional client service. When she was young, her mother told her she talked too much, but now she puts those people skills to good use. Patty has the distinct ability to gather important information for each case, and she will use her creativity and dedication to find it. Those on staff know to call Patty when they need something. Janet refers to her as “the ninja.”

According to Patty, her satisfaction comes from her rapport with clients and helping them get what they need. “Most people that call our firm are anxious, and many of them are worried about money,” says Patty. “By the time we finish talking, they are calm and we are talking like friends.” She also feels good when clients come back to Cape Fear Family Law if they need to, because they are pleased with our work.

In a prior life, Patty excelled as a Licensed Practical Nurse, or LPN, but the physicality of the job took its toll on her. Today, she enjoys her family and is settled in at Cape Fear Family Law. She is an avid reader and writer, particularly correspondence, and she can sew anything and everything, including cross-stitching.