Kayleigh Davenport | Attorney at Law

Kayleigh Davenport

Attorney at Law

“If she had to choose one sense, it’d be sight—essential for spotting opportunities and crafting winning legal strategies.”

Kayleigh Davenport

Meet Kayleigh Davenport, the legal powerhouse with a flair for family law and a love for fluffy companions. Armed with a degree from the Charlotte School of Law, she went from diving into civil litigation to expertly navigating the intricate waters of family disputes.

Outside the courtroom, Kayleigh’s life is a delightful chaos orchestrated by three dogs—Ellie Grace, Rhubarb, and Trout—and the enigmatic Binx the cat. Her marriage is like a well-crafted legal argument, built on love and fortified with the occasional beach day, boat excursion, and fitness routine.

Christmas holds a special place in Kayleigh’s heart, not just for its festive traditions but for the cherished memories it brings. Her favorite holiday pastime? Probably convincing her four-legged squad that they’re Santa’s little helpers.

Despite her legal prowess, don’t expect Kayleigh to perform surgery anytime soon. The medical field is a no-go zone for this legal eagle. On the flip side, she’s always dreamed of spreading her wings and traveling to South Africa—perhaps to argue a case with a lion as the jury.

Starting her professional journey as a lifeguard at 18, Kayleigh found her calling in the courtroom. Her colleagues are her guiding stars, and she showers them with kindness through acts of service and the ever-present offer of a comforting phone call.

Sharks at the beach? Terrifying. House break-ins while contacts are out? Even scarier. Yet, Kayleigh remains the eternal optimist, proving that legal battles aren’t the only challenges she fearlessly faces.

If she had to choose one sense, it’d be sight—essential for spotting opportunities and crafting winning legal strategies. And speaking of winning, Kayleigh dreams big; if she won the lottery, debt and local rescues would benefit from her windfall.

In a parallel universe where failure isn’t an option, Kayleigh would win the lottery (again). And in the blockbuster biopic of her life, Reese Witherspoon would step into her legal stilettos—think Legally Blonde with a touch of courtroom drama.

Behind closed doors, Kayleigh’s weirdest quirk is holding lengthy conversations with her furry confidants. And if Amazon ever declared a shopping spree free-for-all, you’d find her happily exploring the virtual aisles for anything her heart desires.

Oh, and did we mention she casually ran into John Travolta at the YMCA? No dancing or singing, just a subtle smile that added a star-studded chapter to her already fascinating life story.

Serving The Following Counties

Kayleigh practices law in New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender, Columbus, Onslow, and Craven counties in North Carolina.