Halie Walker Paralegal

Halie Walker

Legal Assistant

“Halie’s organized and put-together nature makes her an excellent candidate for a legal assistant.”

Halie Walker

Meet Halie

There’s a lot of Haileys out in the world, but you should consider yourself especially blessed to have met a Halie the likes of Halie Walker. The spelling of her name isn’t the only thing that makes her unique, however. This young legal assistant is a treasure trove of traits: from her favorite party trick that’s sure to impress to her committed and organizational personality all the way through a love for baking and adoration for her big orange cat, Hercules.

Halie graduated from University of North Carolina Wilmington in December 2022 with a business degree and a minor in pre-law. While this led her to land here at Cape Fear Family Law, she didn’t begin with her heart set on a career in law; in fact, Halie began as a biology major with a dream of going to medical school. “Within the first year, I was very quickly humbled,” Halie jokes, “I was made aware that that was not going to be the route that I took.” After a significant “come to Jesus” moment with her college advisor, she took an assessment that pointed her in the direction of the legal field. For all those online personality quizzes we’ve all taken to find out what kind of fruit we are, who knew there was one to accurately match your personality to a career! After having her heart so set on biology and then so quickly spun around, she’s not currently sure what her long-term career vision is as she “evaluates and re-evaluates” her goals, but she knows she wants to work. One of Halie’s many catchphrases is “it be like that,” and honestly, yeah, it do be like that. Many of us can relate to feeling unsure of our lifetime goals these days!

That career assessment was surely right as Halie’s organized and put-together nature makes her an excellent candidate for a legal assistant. This early bird loves to wake up early to make breakfast and have her alone time, and she’ll never be seen without her trusty planner. She finds happiness in feeling productive and even more happiness in her large orange Maine Coon cat, Hercules. “He’s a hoot and a half,” Halie lovingly says, laughing again about another catchphrase of hers. Beyond catchphrases and giving ridiculous nicknames to her loved ones, Halie also dug her heels into being a unique personality at a young age when she taught herself to recite the alphabet backwards. This skill is her favorite party trick and exemplifies the rare type of person she is.

In her personal time she enjoys cooking and absolutely loves to bake. While breakfast may be her favorite meal, Halie prefers cooking dinner because there’s more variety in the foods typically cooked for dinner. Even more than cooking, Halie loves to bake and expresses her creativity through her sweet creations. She also has quite the green thumb as this plant mom has taken on more and more plants to decorate her life and wonders if it’s true that houseplants can clean your home’s air, because she feels like her plants have definitely made a difference in her life!

Overall, Halie is a dedicated, organized, and fun-loving woman who is thrilled to have joined the Cape Fear Family Law team and looking forward to discovering where her passion lies in this career.