Malik Mcmillan Client Communication Specialist

Malik Mcmillan

Client Communication Specialist

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Meet Malik

When you first get in contact with Cape Fear Family Law, you are likely to be connecting with Client Communications Specialist Malik McMillan. He is one of the main people handles all the intake, be it calls emails, or online inquiries.

“It’s the start of the process, like planting the seed. We get all the information, make sure there’s no conflict, and get them scheduled. And then from there the attorneys take over,” Malik explains. Sometimes people misunderstand that speaking with Malik or other members of this team is the first step of the process – getting on an attorney’s calendar can be so difficult when they are in court advocating for clients so often.

Malik empathizes with these potential new clients and does his best to be welcoming and supportive. “I’ve yet to meet a person happy to be calling a family attorney. So, by the end of the call, my goal is to get them the assistance they need and have them laugh or smile in some kind of way. I’m trying to convey to them that even though they’re going through this tough time right now, everything’s going to be alright.” Hope is part of Malik’s character and he loves to give people hope that things can be okay or good again in the future.


Before working for Cape Fear, Malik was an assistant branch manager at Workforce National Bank, a role he is very proud of. “I was the youngest assistant branch manager in our market. It was 2019 and I just turned 20. However, after a year or two, he decided to pursue his dream of working in the legal field.

“For me, there were always two career options: It was either me wearing scrubs and Jordans, working in the hospital or wearing a suit and going to court. Now I’m wearing the suit.” Although Malik is still at the dawn of his legal career, his teammates and co-workers know he will go far in this industry. “He just cares so much about each individual’s outcomes and legal issues,” one of his co-workers noted when asked about Malik.

Malik’s position allows him to work from home (or remotely from anywhere with internet access), which he loves. But make no mistake, every morning he still dresses up for work. “It’s absolutely very important to me,” he says. Being professional is not just part of his job, it’s part of who Malik is to his core.

When Malik first went in for an interview with Cape Fear, he immediately had a good feeling about the firm. “The first thing Miss Janet said to me was ‘there is always going to be opportunities to grow.’” In five years he sees himself working as a certified paralegal for Cape Fear.

Family and Faith

When not at home in his suit and tie working, Malik can most likely be found at his congregation or with his large family. “I’m a church kid,” he beams. “I’m at the church probably four days out of the week. I am one of the youth leaders, I sing on the choir and the praise team. I’m also in a community choir. I wouldn’t say singing is my profession, I’m no Chris Brown, but I enjoy it.”

Malik feels like he is the glue of his family, making sure they get together on a regular basis. He loves creating and playing games with his three brothers and sisters. “Recently I hosted a Bible study and I called it Taco ‘bout Jesus. And we had tacos and talked about Him.”

Malik feels blessed to have such a loving family and rewarding job, and he’s very happy to “taco” ‘bout it. “I’m living the dream and very grateful,” Malik added. And Cape Fear Family Law is very grateful to have Malik on the team and we can’t wait to see him continue to grow and succeed!