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Granger Benson

Attorney at Law

“I always bring positivity and energy to the cases because I think it can help folks work towards a resolution rather than confrontation”

Granger Benson


Granger is not a “new recruit” nor some inexperienced newcomer on the scene. Granger has always been highly sought after and working with a highly skilled crew. Did you know that the United States Naval Academy is so difficult to get into that they only accept 8.5% of applicants? And that was just the beginning because after receiving his undergraduate degree from the Naval Academy; he then spent the next seven years on active duty in the Marine Corps rising up the ranks to Major. Always a patriot, he even still serves in the Marine Corps Reserves. Next, he went to another prestigious school, Villanova University in Philadelphia, where he studied law and obtained his juris doctorate.

Originally it was his experience in the Marine Corps is what made him decide to go into law. “I ran into a lot of legal problems when managing and assisting the Marines under my command, so I kind of saw the other side of it. It’s a huge problem in folks’ lives when they must be involved in the legal system, whether that’s criminally or civilly. And I saw how important attorneys were in trying to dispose of those matters in the right way that helps versus hurts. When I was getting ready to transition out of active duty I decided to move forward with this profession because I wanted to have the power and the ability to help folks.”

Granger’s first legal experience was practicing insurance law helping insurance companies, which he found to be unsatisfying. “I wanted to be able to interact with my clients more regularly and have a bigger impact in their cases – something that helped an actual person not an insurance company. When I learned what I would really be doing and the types of people and problems I would be working on at Cape Fear Family Law I realized this really matches my goals.”

Getting Fully Involved

Granger brings a judgment free attitude to his client’s problems. Understanding that his clients find themselves in unusual, tricky, and sometimes embarrassing positions is part of the job. Granger’s day-to-day routine involves helping his clients traverse the complex legal system – whether its handling getting visitation set up for a father who is actively alienated or helping a wife get financial support monthly to pay the basic bills.

“The topics are heavy, but, at the same time, they can’t be ignored. Folks who are going through these tough times need an advocate to help them navigate the complexities of the court and the legal system.

He considers himself calm and cool-headed but knows how to be the tough guy when needed. If it is a fight that is wanted, he has that skill set too. “I always bring positivity and energy to the cases because I think it can help folks work towards a resolution rather than confrontation. Now … I can certainly be aggressive and confrontational if the situation calls for that, but I like to keep that in my back pocket until it’s absolutely necessary.”

When having an advocate in your corner is what you need, look no further than Granger. He will have your best interests at heart while “checking the blind spots” for the

On The Personal Side

When not practicing family law, Granger likes to spend time with his beautiful wife who is the love of his life. They often can be found doing something active at the beach or in the mountains snowboarding, depending on the season. They have a rescue pit bull named Katie whom they love to play with and take for walks.

Granger fell in love with the coastal North Carolina area when he was in the Marine Corps and is happy to call the area his home. He is also glad to be a part of the Cape Fear Family Law team. “If I can get my clients to focus on their professional lives, knowing that their personal and family lives are being taken care of it is, as they say in the Marines, ‘mission accomplished.’”

Serving The Following Counties

Granger practices law in Onslow, Jones, Sampson, Duplin, and Carteret counties in North Carolina.