Marcus Kohl

Meet Marcus


Marcus is a General Assistant at Cape Fear Family Law

Marcus Kohl, General Assistant

If you walk into the office and see a typical beach boy smiling at you or running out the door as you enter – you probably ran into Marcus. This blonde bombshell with an infectious smile is an enthusiastic, determined, and driven 17 year old. That means he is a rising senior at New Hanover High School in Wilmington.

Although we here think of him as a “man of all tasks” – he works part time as a general assistant for the firm performing clerical duties like running documents to the court house for filing. He assists with updating the firm’s database by continuously scanning documents and keeping them up to date. Due to his versatility, Marcus also performs other office administration tasks as needed. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t hear someone call to him “Hey Marcus … can you …” He is a devoted young man and an integral team player who plays a big role in the smooth running of operations at the firm to ensure effective and timely services to clients and, as such, is an integral team member.


Marcus has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and is a go getter. In his spare time, he is learning the fields of internet marketing and is fascinated by social media. Great ideas and motivation define him. Not only does Marcus jump the hurdles of working with numerous family law attorneys in the office, but he is also on the track and field team at his high school and jumps hurdles there too! When not at work, you will likely find Marcus on the beach or in the gym. Marcus is an avid health enthusiast and works out often. Surfing is a relatively new passion, but one that is growing on him daily.

After traveling this past year to Savannah, Las Vegas, Cocoa Beach, and Chicago (where he saw the Cubs play and win before their big victory this year) he has caught the travel bug and really enjoys seeing new places and things. He loves sports and froze in his seat at a Charlotte Panthers game this year. He is part of a group that loves watching UFC fights and eating spicy wings. You get what you see with Marcus, a handsome person, both inside and out! Cape Fear Family Law is lucky to have him as a daily help with a willing spirit and we cannot wait to see what he will accomplish next!

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