Tyler J. Crima | Family Law Attorney

Tyler J. Crima

Family Law Attorney

“Tyler pushes through any obstacle and he has a fierce sense of loyalty and devotion to a cause.”

“Tyler is not afraid of taking on new challenges and he has done this all his life.”

Tyler J. Crima

When challenges come, little opportunities are hidden within them. It takes the intelligent, devoted and determined to see and maximize those opportunities. Attorney Tyler J. Crima is one of those people. He is a strong example of pulling up oneself by the bootstraps and making the most out of opportunities. He is resolute and always focused on getting the desired result. He is a resourceful problem solver whose attention to detail and perfectionist tendencies ensure that he is one of the most reliable persons in any team or project. Tyler pushes through any obstacle and he has a fierce sense of loyalty and devotion to a cause.


Passionate about justice, Tyler had wanted to study Criminal Justice and pursue a career as a police officer. However, after a work-related accident at 18 his plans changed and his first touch of the legal system occurred. During the worker’s compensation case, he saw how his attorney was very attentive, and patiently walked Tyler through every step of the way. His worker’s compensation attorney ensured he received health coverage for his injuries as well as compensation. He decided instead to pursue a career as an attorney. In a similar vein, Tyler is now helping people to find comfort during the legal tough times in their lives.

Tyler is the sort of attorney you want on your case because he passionately explains even the most complex legal concepts to his clients in simple, understandable ways. When he doesn’t have the answer, he goes and dives into the research. If an answer is possible, trust that Tyler will be looking for it.

His focus on family law was particularly piqued during his law school residency. He finds joy in helping individuals and relatives navigate their family dynamics. With aligned philosophies, Tyler joined Cape Fear Family Law to fulfil the mission of building trust, making sure everyone is heard and understood, as well as helping to build or restore family units. Tyler spends his time and effort to listen to his client’s needs, facts of their cases and long term goals. He is a patient listener and people always want to keep working with him.

Tyler gained extensive legal experience, even while in law school. As an intern in The New York State Family Court, he observed and took notes at family court and child neglect proceedings, honing his craft. While there, he also performed research on the effects of child neglect and whether or not it helped to cause or otherwise impact juvenile delinquency.

Interning at Spidell Family Law, Tyler was able to provide comprehensive support to
the family law practitioners he worked with and compiled legal briefs and documents for clients. While still in law school he learned how to effectively draft all types of family law pleadings including motions for child custody, contempt, show cause, termination of parental rights, subpoenas, complaints, responses, adoptions, and orders. In addition, he cross-checked equitable distribution worksheets, analysed legal issues present and drafted memoranda on legal issues specific to clients’ cases.


When you think of a positive educational path, you can imagine someone who knows their major (and maybe even their minor) on day one of college, right? Well that is exactly who Tyler was. You already learned before that he had original plans of law enforcement and then becoming an attorney so he dived right in. Tyler completed a Bachelor of Science program in Criminal Justice (Minor in Sociology) at St. Joseph’s College.

Next, Tyler attended Elon University School of Law for his Juris Doctor program. His awards include the Academic Achievement Scholarship for two and a half years, North Carolina Bar Association Pro Bono Certificate of Achievement, and Elon University School of Law Pro Bono Board Pro Bono Certificate of Achievement. He served as the treasurer of the Pro Bono Board. He participated in the Family Law Society Mentorship Program, Innocence Project, Wills for Heroes, Lawyer on the Line, Teen Court, and People Not Property Projects.

While in law school, Tyler wanted to take advantage of all of his learning and service opportunities. In that vein, Tyler completed Passport to Practice. This was a pilot program focused on increasing law students’ and graduates’ skills, knowledge, and vocabulary in a wide range of competencies including law practice management, teamwork, data analytics, communication, feedback, technology, and multi-disciplinary collaboration.


Seen as a straight shooter by his peers because he provides the tersest answers to questions and problems, Tyler is not the type of person to unnecessarily drag things on. He cares deeply about helping people and making a difference in people’s lives and this makes it easy for him to get along with people wherever he is.

Tyler is not afraid of taking on new challenges and he has done this all his life. A prominent example of a calculated risk he took is his decision to relocate from his family and friends in New York to North Carolina as a career move. And now with Cape Fear Family Law that is paying off in spades with a great chance to help clients and finally achieve his goal of practicing law that helps people.

He lives and works by the mantra that: “we all make choices, but our choices make us”. That is, it is in human nature to occasionally make mistakes in work and life. However, how we choose to act after those mistakes is what defines us and allows us to move forward. In other words, your reaction to your failings will determine the kind of person you are.

Tyler is engaged to his loving fiancée who is a teacher, and he is the father to Stella, an enchanting dog. When you don’t find Tyler working, reading and talking about law concepts, you are likely to find him nurturing his hobbies like hiking, building, and exploring new food. He is either going on long hikes together with his fiancée and dog or participating in 5Ks and marathons. He is also enthusiastic about food. One of his favourite pastimes is going to the Food Truck Festivals. He likes to formulate new recipes and it should not surprise you if you find him cooking at one of those festivals. When he has an extended break, he takes on different building projects. He is currently trying to build a photobooth for his own wedding coming up in the summer of 2021.

Tyler is looking to build a beautiful family, adopt more dogs, run more marathons, taste more food and win numerous cases.