Denae Hinson | Paralegal

Denae Hinson


“Denae isn’t new to the legal world. She had her first stint at the same firm, where she doubled as a consultant and desk secretary”

Meet Denae

You will not meet a lot of people that are full of life like Denae, an exceptional young lady working as a paralegal at Cape Fear Family Law, currently learning the intricacies of the legal work place which features many different cases.

Denae isn’t new to the legal world. She had her first stint at the same firm, where she doubled as a consultant and desk secretary, taking calls and linking clients with the attorneys they need to speak with. At the time, she learned the best ways to relate to people in different situations regardless of the uniqueness. For Denae, having the opportunity to learn something new every day is rewarding and it is satisfying to know that at the end of each day, she has made a difference for the better.

After her first stint, she didn’t want to remain idle at home so she picked up a job as an attendant in a local restaurant. Out of the blue, Cape Fear Family Law reached out to her to work as a paralegal in the firm. She was never going to miss out on this rare opportunity, and now, she is on her way to becoming a certified paralegal.

Selfless to the Core

When you ask the question “who is Denae?”, she’ll keep it simple and just say she’s someone who’s trying to experience life as much as she can while being grateful for the gift of life. If you ask about her at the office, you’ll most likely get a bright smile and a response that explains how fun she is and how she makes everyone feel less worked up and more at ease. She’ll easily evoke a laughter in you on your worst days. 

Being a certified paralegal would probably open many doors for Denae, but what she is most excited about is how it will make her help more people going through difficult moments. This is what she is, selfless.

Even though she has her personal struggles, suffering from depression and anxiety, she is passionate about mental health awareness and helping others in similar situations as herself. Denae is passionate about love, and this is evident in how she treats those around her, including her coworkers.

As you can imagine, the legal world involves a lot of paperwork and statutes which could be quite boring. But Denae makes life a bit more fun in the firm, she cracks jokes and lifts people’s spirits. Denae believes a lot in human connection and this is why she is instinctive about helping people in her own way. No matter how little her effort is, she believes it can make a difference.

Her life philosophies are simple, she is all about energy and manifestation. According to her, the purpose of our existence as humans is manifestation. The power to manifest also means that we can be whatever we want to be.

Beach Bum and Proud Pet Mum

Denae hails from Wilmington, a city in North Carolina famous for its beaches, so she loves to describe herself as a water girl. Her favorite beach activities are swimming, tanning, and skating on her longboard. Whenever she is feeling up to these activities, her favorite beach to visit is Kure Beach.

Her other hobbies include spending time with friends and families, trying out local restaurants and breweries shops, meeting and connecting with new people, and writing songs, something she describes as therapeutic.

She identifies as a pet mum and has 3 pets that she loves and cares for dearly. They are Einstein, a husky swiss shepherd, her cats; Picasso and Janis who she named after Janis Joplin.