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Position: Associate Attorney

Required Experience: 0-3 years experience

Job Description:

As an Associate Attorney in our law firm, you will make an entrance into the legal world and learn from Senior Associates and Partners about the basics of assisting with clients in non-litigation and litigation matters. The ideal candidate will be driven to embark on a legal career, familiarize themselves with legal terminology, and proficiently utilize technology to achieve our firm’s and clients’ objectives. A genuine interest in law, a dedication to continuous learning, and the proactive ability to acquire knowledge will be essential for effective task performance.


  • Legal Knowledge: A key expectation of this role will be the progressive learning and understanding of statutes and case law and courtroom procedures over the course of two years. Expected to gain an understanding of issues in client cases, effectively interpret and relay complex legal information, and support the firm’s legal operations and client goals with an increasing degree of proficiency over time.
  • Research: Ability to use legal databases to find answers to basic legal questions through statutes, case law and precedent, as well as through increasing courtroom experiences. Writing of memorandums and ability to understand (and argue) the differences between reported and unreported cases on various legal issues.
  • Client Representation & Relationship Management: Representing clients in various legal proceedings, demonstrating compassion and professionalism. This involves court hearings, negotiations, and mediation sessions. Advocating for their client’s interests and ensuring that their rights are protected and the client’s position is heard in court. Attorneys manage their client relationships including billing, communication, and ensuring clients are informed about the progress of their case(s).
  • Document Drafting: Preparation of legal documents including contracts, pleadings, motions, and other legal paperwork. Appropriate and ethical communications with clients, opposing counsel, experts, and the court. Appropriate use of spell check, grammar apps, and other document preparation systems.
  • Compliance & Ethical Responsibilities: Attorneys are bound by a strict code of ethics and you must have knowledge of the same and be held to all ethical responsibilities. Maintaining client confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interests, and acting in the best interests of our clients at a minimum. You will be expected to help clients navigate legal requirements and ensure a client knows the relevant laws and regulations which the court will expect them to comply with.
  • Calendar & File (Matter) Maintenance: Create, maintain, and update your calendar to ensure it is accurate at all times and that you attend any and all court appearances expected of you. Ensure everything you do is noted in CLIO in the correct client matter – including, but not limited to, time entries, notes, documents, drafts, and communications are entered, coded, and uploaded correctly into CLIO. Ensuring all necessary materials are prepared and filed in advance for all meetings, communications, and court appearances.
  • Legal Marketing, Community Involvement, and Education: Participate in any and all legal marketing as requested including blog writing, video participation, and any other social media opportunities. Participation and involvement in community organizations and legal associations as requested or desired. Attending additional education and teaching any continuing legal education classes that may be offered including the research for the presentation, writing of a manuscript, practice presentation to members of the firm, and creation of a power point presentation.

Team Contribution and Commitment:

  • As part of our team, the Associate Attorney is expected to:
  • Collaboration: Work collaboratively with more senior attorneys, legal support specialists, paralegals, and other administrative staff to ensure seamless service to our clients. This includes understanding the duties of support staff and stepping in as a second chair in trials.
  • Commitment: Show a dedication to the mission and values of our firm. Attend all court dates and meet task deadlines.
  • Communication: Facilitate effective communication within the team, ask questions to gain understanding, and engage listening skills. Be polite and respectful to all team members and support staff.
  • Continual Learning: Be desirous of learning new skills and legal concepts.
  • Positivity: Contribute to a positive office culture, engage in activities, supporting colleagues in their work and encouraging a team-oriented environment.


  • A Juris Doctorate degree (J.D.) from an accredited university.
  • NC State Bar license to practice law.
  • Working knowledge of MS Office and ability to work with legal technology (court-filing computer systems, internet, social media etc.)
  • Healthy interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills.
  • Familiarity with law, legal procedures, and protocols, particularly in family law.
  • Basic knowledge of each and every technology and software which the firm utilizes.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with proven client communications.
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills with proven task completion over a varied array of tasks.
  • Understanding the basic flow of a litigation file.

Appy Now:
If you would like to apply for this position, please email your resume to

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