Dear Cape Fear Family Law:

My spouse’s attorney says negative and untrue things about me and my attorney by letter and in court. Will the court believe these letters?  What impact will these letters and statements have on my case?  Is this appropriate?

-The Other Side Lies!



Dear The Other Side Lies!:

If the other attorney writes letters with untrue statements, no it is not appropriate.  Sometimes the other attorney who represents your spouse does not know what they are writing is a “lie” but instead believes it is a fact as conveyed by your spouse.  The key here is to see what evidence you can provide to your attorney; such as: a bank statement, a text message, an e-mail, a Facebook post, or even testimony from yourself or a witness.  Start compiling your evidence now.

The real question for me is why are you so concerned?  Your goal is to settle if you can (so you need to avoid the knee-jerk reaction the letter will cause).  You need to compile evidence, send settlement offers, and work tirelessly to get out of the anxiety-filled conflict of divorce.



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