Dear Cape Fear Family Law:

My spouse and I separated about six (6) months ago.  I did not hire an attorney, but I am about to run out of money and my husband is not willing to give me any for my monthly bills?  Is it worth getting an attorney?

-No $$$ to Waste



Dear No $$$ to Waste:

It is vitally important for people that are about to separate, or are just separated, to hire an attorney as close to (or before) the day they start living separately.  This is the best way to keep your legally expenses down.  That said, yes you should at least visit with an attorney to see what your rights are.  Post separation support, alimony, and child support may be options for you to get your spouse to assist in your support and the children’s support, if you have children.

No, you don’t have any money to waste…who does?  If you don’t go and see an attorney, you may have lost money instead of wasted it.  Don’t you think it is worth a consultation fee of between $150.00 and $300.00 to find out if you are eligible for support?  Choose wisely!



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