Dear Cape Fear Family Law:

I left my husband last week and moved into an apartment.  I paid for it by taking ½ of the funds that were in our bank account, but my husband moved the remaining money.  The funds I took are down to less than $3,000.00 and I will not be able to live for long on that amount.  I work, but only part-time.  How can I get my husband to pay support and help me live?  He won’t give me any money!

-Need some money!!



Dear Need some money!!:

Alimony may be an option for you, however there are a number of factors.  First you must be a dependent spouse, earning less than your husband.  Next, the length of the marriage is a factor.  Finally, if you are dating a new man, that is likely to be adultery.  Adultery is a bar to alimony unless your husband is also committing adultery.  There are other factors so I suggest that you see an attorney immediately so that they can help you negotiate or file a lawsuit to ensure you get funds before your situation becomes dire or desperate.  Best of luck!



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