Dear Cape Fear Family Law:

The Department of Social Services (DSS) contacted me about my child.  They asked me questions and told me there was a report made.  They won’t tell me a lot, but I realize that my daughter is in danger while living with her mom.  What should I do?

-DSS and Danger



Dear DSS and Danger:

First, you may want to have an attorney consult with you immediately on the investigation with DSS if that is still ongoing.  Next, you may want to immediately file child custody if your child is truly in danger.  I have found that waiting is rarely the best thing to do if you have facts, evidence, or information that shows your child is in danger.  If there is a substance abuse problem, your attorney can request drug testing.  You should immediately take action to place your child in a safe setting.  Best of luck and much safety to your child.



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