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Baby Don’t Go

Question: Dear Cape Fear Family Law: My ex-wife is moving with her new husband to California.  He is in the military and they have another child together.  I am really involved in my daughter’s life; she is 12 and goes to school here.  I attend her events and I cannot...

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No $$$ to Waste

Question: Dear Cape Fear Family Law: My spouse and I separated about six (6) months ago.  I did not hire an attorney, but I am about to run out of money and my husband is not willing to give me any for my monthly bills?  Is it worth getting an attorney? -No $$$ to...

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The Other Side Lies

Question: Dear Cape Fear Family Law: My spouse’s attorney says negative and untrue things about me and my attorney by letter and in court. Will the court believe these letters?  What impact will these letters and statements have on my case?  Is this appropriate? -The...

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Putting Baby First

Question: Dear Cape Fear Family Law: My husband and I are separated and I have our 1 year old baby.  I breast feed and would prefer to keep breast feeding until age 2, at least.  He wants overnight visits and our baby is not ready for that.  Will I have to allow him...

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Worried, but ready to go

Question: Dear Cape Fear Family Law: How can I begin separation without it being considered abandonment if my wife will not leave the marital home?  I do not want to lose custody of my children or lose rights to the house. -Worried, but Ready to Go   Answer: Dear...

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