About Us

We are a powerhouse of caring and energy looking
to help you create solutions to your problems.

Our Story

Cape Fear Family Law is a full service divorce and family law firm.

We started with just one and have grown in our mission and in number to be a force for change and good. Legal issues that surround your family are some of the most important issues you will face in your life, let us help you make the right decisions.

We handle cases from before you even separate through enforcement of agreements and orders. We can advise you on methods that will work to help you obtain cooperation and peace when you thought none would ever be available.

Our Mission

We want to:

  • Listen to each client
  • Provide individualized legal advice
  • Effectively handle legal and financial decisions
  • Keep family dynamics in mind
  • Maintain cost effect fees with the client in mind

Our Team


Janet Gemmell

Board Certified Family Law Specialist


Waneta Ellis

Attorney at Law


Marcus Kohl

General Assitant


Jessica Arthur

Attorney at Law


Amy Bender

Certified Paralegal


Lonnie Merritt

Attorney at Law


Ashly Clark

Executive Legal Assistant


Brittany C. Hall

Attorney at Law



“The Ninja”